Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cats of the Barracks Museum, Sydney

Not many workplaces have pets. The Barracks Museum in Sydney is one that does. A couple of years ago a mother kitten who had recently given birth was found in the grounds. The staff were given permission to keep the mother and two of her kittens (the third kitten was adopted). The cats live in the grounds and brighten the day of many public servants, not only Barracks' staff but those from surrounding buildings. Tourists are fascinated to see them there.

Spice is the friendliest of the cats and acts as official greeter as people arrive for work. She spends her days in sunny spots around the yard or on the verandah of one of the old buildings in the courtyard.
Nutmeg is particularly shy and, if found at all, is in her box tucked away where she hopes noone will find her.
Last year it seemed as though the cats would have to be removed (a noncatperson was appointed as manager) and a colleague adopted Cinnamon. She is now spoilt rotten. Thankfully the manager relented and Spice and Nutmeg are still in residence at the Barracks. The following photos of Cinnamon in her new home are thanks to Peter.

As you can see, Cinnamon is very happy in her new home.


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