Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sicily 2005

This stunner was performing a balancing act in Taormina.
Also in Taormina, this friendly little black kitty stood guard over my pack while I took photos in the main square.

The Alhambra, Granada, 2005

The beautiful Alhambra in Granada has a colony of cats, all of which are obviously related.

Some frequent the interior of the palace.

However the most photogenic were just outside the Alcazaba, the fortress of the Alhambra.

Several joined me for breakfast.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peru 2004

Aguas Calientes, the jumping off point for Machu Picchu
This tiny kitten was in the place where we took refuge during a massive storm while waiting to get the boat to Manu in the Amazon. It took a particular liking to one of my travelling companions.

Another Amazon kitten, this one at Yine Lodge near Boca Manu.

Bolivia 2004

Pretty hat shop kitty in the back streets of Sorata.

Hostal cat, Sorata. The dark thing on the wall in the distance is a snake skin.

The receptionist, La Cupula, Copacabana.

Even the very basic camp in the pampas out of Rurrenebarque had its resident scavengers.

Chile 2004

Easter Island kitten.

Hostal resident, La Serena

Roadside stallholder en route to Valle de Elqui.

Pintados, population 1 plus cat.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zanzibar 2002

You see stray cats everywhere along the coast of east Africa and its islands. These were spotted on Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania.

Alley cats, Stonetown

Port cats, Stonetown

Contented cat in Stonetown's fish market.

Backstreet cats.

This one was taking a rest at the turtle sanctuary near the village of Nungwi in the north of the island.
Back to Stonetown and this little cutie was helping out a stallholder at the market.

Pakistan 2001

Shop kitten, Gilgit.

China 1996, 1998

Suzhou 1996
Zhenzhou 1996
Beijing 1996
Market, Muslim quarter, Xian 1998

Athens 1993

The National Garden in the centre of Athens are (or were in the early 90s) full of stray cats, presumably dumped, as you can see from the sign.
If you are wondering what the "other" animals the sign mentioned could be, this goat was one.
The cats are regularly fed by locals.

The beautiful Plaka below the Acropolis was only improved by the addition of scattered cats.

Sicily 1993 and 2005

This is my girlfriend's cat, Musti (short for Mustapha). He was a youngster when I first met him.
When I returned to Sicily in 2005 he was still going strong although older, slower and fatter, but aren't we all after 12 years. The tortoise was still alive as well.