Tuesday, October 28, 2008

London 1992/93

Paignton 1992/93

Meet Suki (the Burmese), and Katusi (the tabby). They lived with my English surrrogate parents in Paignton in Devon with whom I spent the Christmas of 1992 and visited again the following year.

For some reason Suki liked sleeping on top of the fridge.
Katusi was a rescue cat from, I think, Libya, which they brought back to England after a stint working in that country. They couldn't bear to leave her behind.

As you can see the whole family ended up adopting me.

Cape Breton 1992

Another hostel cat, or kitten this time. This one in a rustic hostel along the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. There's that perm again.

Quebec City 1992

This is Bouboule, 6 years old and very intelligent. His owner raised money for cat food by wheeling him along the Boardwalk in a small cart pulled by a bicycle.The fuzzy blobs below were the felines in residence at the hostel.

Whitehorse 1992

A pair of lynx in a small zoo outside Whitehorse in the Yukon. The drawing below isn't mine (I'm not that talented) just a card that I bought at the time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Littleton 1992

This great sign was on a country road in Littleton, Massachusetts.

Bandon 1992

Two more shop cats.

Skagway 1992

These two beauties were the masters of the Skagway Home Hostel in Alaska. The white one was BK, the tabby was apparently called Bugger, at least that's what the scrawl on the back of the photo seems to say. What was I thinking with that perm!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saint Augustine 1992

St Augustine's shopkeepers seemed to like cats.

I picked up this card in the quirkily named Temple of Great Art No Spitting. Wonder if it still exists.

New Orleans 1992

Market Cat

Truth or Consequences 1992

This is Tripod. I don't know what his real name was but everyone called him Tripod. He was the feline in residence at the hostel in Truth or Consequences on the Rio Grande.

San Francisco 1992

Looking back through my albums I seem to have started taking cat photos during my 1992/93 trip. This kitty was spotted in Golden Gate Park.